Personal Computers

From a small desktop to full tower units, we source all our PCs from reputable manufacturers and will recommend the best option to suit you.  We have been partnered with HP for over 20 years and recommend their machines due to reliability, value for money, after-sales care and ease of repair.

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Laptops can be as powerful as PCs but are usually more expensive and have limited capacity for upgrading.  They are more vulnerable to damage and theft but if portability is key, then there’s no contest.

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The Apple iPad is our tablet of choice and we use them in our business. We can also supply Windows Tablets such as the Microsoft Surface Pro. We understand how to link iPads to PCs, servers and networks and can recommend the necessary Apps to assist in you business.

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We supply, configure and support Microsoft Windows Servers for small to medium sized business. We have a vast knowledge of networking PCs and have built a reputation for supplying extremely reliable equipment. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

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PW Computers can supply virtually all makes and types of printer, from mono, Inkjet, laser, All-in-one printer-scanner-copiers. We have many years experience with all types of printers and can make recommendations based on your circumstances. We use a mono laser printer for most of our daily printing, a colour inkjet for small quantity colour prints and a Canon Pixma Pro-1 for high quality A3+ photographic prints suitable for gallery presentation.

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We supply most makes and size of computer screens for office, home and professional use. Accountants and engineers love the two screen configurations we supply and we have extensive knowledge of equipping photographers with colour calibrated monitors.

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Our Managing Director was head of IT at a large UK corporate company for many years and has over 20 years experience of networking PCs.  He can help your organisation spend wisely and buy robust, fast and reliable equipment that will be efficient for many years to come. To discuss or book a site visit and appraisal, please ask for Paul.

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We understand the available broadband options offered by suppliers and have many years experience helping our customers get the most from what is available. We have installed reliable and capable broadband routers offering VPN capability. Many of our clients need to work from home and we can set this up for you, configuring the office system ready to receive remote, secure, reliable connections.

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PW Computers is a Microsoft registered partner. We have been supplying and supporting Windows software for over 24 years. We can source, supply and support most items of software from operating systems to office suites.

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We supply photographic equipment and offer training, configuration and support to all types of photographers. We can help you obtain camera gear, lighting, computers and software needed to fulfil your hobby or run your photography business.

Note that we design websites, but do not go as far as providing e-commerce sites.

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