PC Repairs

We have the experience and tools to get your computer up and running in the shortest possible time, minimising disruption to you or your business.

. Operating System Re-install

In the worst case scenario, your operating system may need to be re-installed, together with all security updates/patches, enhancements, firewall, antivirus. This includes systems without recovery media.

. PC Health Check/Tune Up

A serviced computer will run more efficiently and be less susceptible to viruses.  A full service includes: a thorough clean inside and out, hardware check - including hard drive analysis, software check and clean, spyware and virus scan and complete system optimisation.

. Hardware Upgrades and Installation

Not sure how to fit the lastest hardware you have purchased for your computer ? Let us complete the job for you. We have the experience to supply and fit any upgrades to your computer.

. Configure and Install a refurbished computer

New or used computer and not sure where to start ? We can arrange to visit your premises, check over the computer and set it up for you or we can set it up at our premises.

. Crashing computer or startup problems

We have the latest diagnostics equipment and software to determine why your computer is having problems. We can fix most issues within the hour. Sometimes it may take longer depending on the complexity of your system and extent of the problem.

Data Transfer

If you have purchased a new PC and don't know how to transfer your data from the old system, we can migrate the data for you. This is handy when you are installing a new hard drive or are upgrading the operating system.

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PC Upgrades

Upgrading your hardware and software is a great way to get more from your computer. Be aware that laptop computers are not nearly as upgradable as desktop PCs, but add memory (RAM) or a Solid State Drive (SSD) and see an immediate and noticable speed improvement.

Every component in a desktop PC can be replaced, but only certain components in a laptop computer can be upgraded.

Server upgrades should be left to specialists like PW Computers Ltd.

Upgrading the operating system can provide a significant boost for your computer.

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Remote support


Need help immediately, we can remotely connect to your machine and assist with finding and fixing your problem without even visiting your premises.

With the growth of broadband, it is becoming increasingly possible to log into your organisation's network or to your home computer from anywhere in the World.

There are several reasons why you might want remote access to a computer in your office.

. People needing access to their office network or server while on the move or away on business.

. Users working from home.

. Branch office staff needing access to files and resources on a server in the central office.

. User support staff for fixing PC or server problems.

With technology advancing all the time, there is a solution for just about every remote access scenario you are likely to come across. What solution you choose will depend on your specific requirements, and the budget you have available.

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Data Backup

The amount of data stored on our computers is increasing dramatically. Terabytes of information stored in documents, movies, music, photos and in thousands of e-mails. We can offer numerous methods of backing up your data.

Users on business networks 'dump' the contents of their hard drives onto the server in an attempt to backup their machine. This causes real headaches for IT staff responsible for backing up the server. We have experienced this and have solutions available.

When your hard-drive crashes, you lose everything. Suddenly you realise what you have lost, and wish you had a backup of your data.

External USB hard drives are ever increasing in capacity and rapidly coming down in price and are ideal for data backup.

Many companies offer online data storage for a monthly fee, which is handy if you travel a lot and need access to your data from anywhere in the world. Uploading is however slow, and there are so many solutions on offer, users get confused where there data actually is and end up duplicating storage. Bare in mind, that if your membership lapses, you could lose your data, since its not stored on a piece of equipment you own.

How best to backup your data, and what equipment and software to use is a problem for the inexperienced. We can help you.

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Data recovery

Data stored on any media: hard drive, memory stick, DVD/CD etc; can be easily lost, but often can be recovered. Data can be lost by accidental error, hardware/software failure, electrical surges/outages, malfunction, sabotage, vandalism or virus/malware attack.

We offer a "free" diagnosis, and our policy is "if we can't recover the data you won't pay a penny".

We follow a two phase recovery process: "Evaluation, then data Recovery".

During the evaluation stage, if we cannot help you, we will not limit your chance of recovery by another company. This means your media can be returned exactly in the same state as it was when we first got it.

If we can't recover your data we won't charge for the evaluation. If we can recover your data and you engage our services, we will endeavour to recover as much data as possible from your defective media.

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Virus Protection

Protecting your computers from viruses and malware is essential. Don't be caught out by letting your subscription run out or by acquiring the wrong level of protection, which can result in slow performance and abnormal operation. We can help you secure your computer from attack. If you are unlucky to have an infected PC we can remove the virus/malware and return your computer to its formal working state. If that is not possible we can backup your data, repair your PC and restore the data.

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PC Tuning

Over time PCs eventually slow down as software is added/removed, users inadvertantly tamper with settings, software corrupts the Windows registry and more. We can tune your computer by removing unwanted packages, fix corruption and optimise the operating system. We can even backup your data, wipe the computer clean and restore it to full operational mode. A reconditioned machine can work out much cheaper than buying new.

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Just bought a new PC, laptop, printer, scanner or other device and can't get it working correctly, we can help you get started. We will configure your system in an optimal manner to ensure trouble free operation for many years to come.

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